The Roctors are a merry band of doctors from Northern Colorado. Comprised of four medical doctors and a doctor of the law (an attorney), they play cover songs from the 1970’s through today’s music.

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Ready for rock n’ roll call? Announcing the band members, in alphabetical order:

Dr. Timothy J. Allen, MD, neurologist. Vocals, keyboard, trumpet, percussion, and occasionally vibraslap aka rattleslap (sounds like a rattlesnake). Dr. Allen practices at Neurology Specialists of the Rockies in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Dr. Timothy J. Allen, neurologist, Neurology Specialists of the Rockies, Cheyenne, WY
Dr. Timothy J. Allen, MD, Neurology Specialists of the Rockies

Drake Johnson, Doctor of Law (after all, the law is ill, in need of doctoring). Guitarist, vocalist. Also plays a doctor on TV. Practices at Johnson & Johnson law firm in Fort Collins. Wears a stylish hat.

Drake Johnson on guitar for The Roctors bamd
Drake Johnson, Esq., Johnson & Johnson Law

Dr. Eric Olsen, MD, emergency medicine. Drums, vocals. Dr. Olsen is affiliated with Emergency Physicians of the Rockies. If you’re in a rush to fill out your patient paperwork but are in a panic because can’t find a writing utensil, just look for Dr. Olsen in the ER — he’ll likely be pretending to play drums by using ballpoint pens for drumsticks.

Dr. Eric Olsen, MD, Emergency Physicians of the Rockies

Dr. Brent Peters, MD, pulmonologist. Guitar, vocals. Take a deep breath, and be prepared to be rocked, for Dr. Peters slays on the guitar, like Slash from Guns N’ Roses. He practices at UCHealth Pulmonology in Loveland.

Dr. Brent Peters, UCHealth Pulm
Dr. Brent Peters, MD, UCHealth Pulmonology

Dr. Eric Stevens, MD, pulmonologist. Bass, fiddle, vocals. Practices at UCHealth Pulmonology in Loveland. Eric Number Two is not to be forgotten. Though he’s quiet in conversation, he’s quite vociferous on the fiddle.

Dr. Eric Stevens, MD, UCHealth Pulminology
Dr. Eric Stevens, MD, UCHealth Pulmonology


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